Our team have advised numerous clients with wide variety of services. Hence, we offer services in the following areas

General Corporate and Commercial Affairs
Our lawyers have wide ranging exposures in Corporate and Commercial Affairs.. Hence, we offer clients in wide-ranging services of corporate commercial affairs including but not limited to company establishment, partnership, company regulation, article of association, merger and acquisition, investment, securities, legal drafting, contract negotiation (commercial, construction, etc), procurement activities, management of contract, merger and acquisition, direct and indirect, investment etc.

Banking and Finance
In this area of practice, our lawyers have advised a number of banks and financial institutions including overseas Private Equities operating in Indonesia. Our lawyers are accordingly exposed in banking products along with their problems within and outside indonesia. These products amongst others are lending (secured or non-secured), funding, bancassurance, money markets, derivatives, various types of colateral acceptable by the laws, bonds, letter of credits etc. Hence, our lawyers have assisted in some activities such as negotiation, provide legal opinions, conduct customer due dilligence etc.

Besides, our lawyers are also exposed to a number of project financing advisory for a number of projects such as energy and infrastructures.

Capital Market
Currently, this area of practice becomes one of the most important practices in this firm. Our lawyers have advised a number of capital market players such as issuers, underwriters and investors in gaining such legal insights. Accordingly, our lawyers are exposed in relevant capital market transactions including but not limited to tender offers, right issues, conflict of interest/material transactions etc.

Employment and Industrial Relation
We understand that the development of investment and economic growth in Indonesia and the policy of Asean Free Trade Area result to employment oportunities either for local or expatriate. There are also some changes to Indonesian laws on employment and industrial relations, especially restriction on outsourcing, manpower supply and mandatory to have the capability in using Indonesian language for expateriate. Accordingly, various employment problems are identified..Understanding this need, DKNS lawyers aims to provide compherensive legal services in structuring employment affairs in companies to be in accordance with the prevailing regulations. Accordingly, we may provide assistance in the context of mergers and acquisition, terminations, employment agreements, labor unions, litigation, etc.

Intellectual Property Rights
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is one of the important aspects in business. Many business people have experienced infringements due to lack of awareness to this area. According to recent research from Japan International Cooperation Agency (“JICA”), during the period 2009 – 2013, there were 533 cases brought to commercial courts throughout Indonesia. In view of this issue, in protecting our clients interests , we maintain experienced counsels ready to advise these interests ensuring that their rights are well-maintained.

Regulatory and Projects
Our lawyers understand that the current development priorities in Indonesia as per current economic growth is in infrastructure area. Such infrastructure projects would require multiple financing sources especially from private sectors. As such, involving private sector in infrastructure development is exposed to numerous challenges. One of the most difficult challenges is in regulatory aspects. Indonesia is known by many as the country with complex legal structures where there are lots of regulatory disharmony. Hence, in order to do business in this area, such correct practical legal advise would be necessary. Hence, Our lawyers have deep exposures in handling and advising clients in doing business in these areas.

Energy and Mineral Resources
Energy and Mineral Resources are the area that our lawyers will provide advise at their highest passion. Our lawyers have advised numerous domestic and international companies in these areas. Our team have experiences in drafting and reviewing oil and gas agreement, advising in structuring in compliance with the law for the operations, regulatory framework. We advise onthe sale and acquisition of assets; land titles; packaging of bids; oil, gas and geothermal rights; drilling and operating agreements; joint venture agreements; oil, gas and geothermal energy purchase and sale contracts; and supply and transportation contracts, etc.

In the power sector, our lawyers have involved in a number of power projects and have advised Ministry of Energy and mineral Resources in its regulatory harmonization program for Waste to Energy development project in Indonesia. Besides, our lawyers have advised clients in reviewing and negotiating Power Purchase Agreement with Indonesian Power Company (PLN).

Disputes Resolutions and Litigation
It is our main objectives to avoid clients from litigation, arbitration or bankruptcy. However sometimes it become inevitable. Our lawyers are licensed advocates who have experiences in handling numerous cases of litigation either in civil disputes, administrative courts, including alternative dispute settlements. Further, our lawyers have advised individuals, private and public companies, multinational corporations and so on in highly dynamic cases.